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April Spotlight on Wine with SWA

Explore the evolving demand for sparkling wines, learn from head sommelier Emma Denney's insights, and explore exciting new UK hospitality openings. Read on to discover all the articles from SWA this month.

There’s more to sparkling that just Champagne

James Lawrence delves into the evolving trends in the sparkling wine market, emphasizing the shift towards exploring quality fizz beyond Champagne. With rising Champagne prices, alternatives like Prosecco, Franciacorta, English sparkling wines, and other emerging styles are gaining traction among consumers. Influential sommeliers, including Mickael Metayer and Julien Beltzung, highlight a growing interest in premium sparkling wines, signalling a cultural shift towards diverse and high-quality options.

While Champagne retains its prestige, the market sees a surge in demand for better value bubblies, challenging traditional perceptions and driving a thirst for exceptional sparkling wines. Despite Champagne's enduring appeal, the industry witnesses a significant diversification in wine sales, spurring demand for premium sparkling varieties globally. Sommeliers like Emma Denney advocate for utilizing sparkling wines throughout a meal, showcasing their versatility and suitability for food pairings, beyond being just an aperitif.

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New Hospitality Openings

The article explores the dynamic culinary scene in London, highlighting the launch of 3 new restaurants like OMA, abc kitchens, and Cloth. OMA, led by David Carter in Borough Market, offers modern Greek cuisine with dishes like charcoal-seared beef short rib and octopus. abc kitchens at The Emory presents a unique blend of farm-to-table and Latin-inspired dishes against the scenic backdrop of Hyde Park. Cloth, a collaboration in Farringdon, aims to celebrate British produce through seasonal menus curated by chef Tom Hurst, accompanied by an extensive wine selection.

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Q&A with Emma Denney, head sommelier at Claridge’s Restaurant

Additionally, the spotlight shines on Emma Denney, head sommelier at Claridge’s Restaurant, showcasing her journey from New Zealand to London and her passion for wine and inclusivity in the industry. With over 200 sparkling wines on the menu, including English fizz like Hundred Hills, Claridge's caters to diverse tastes. These culinary ventures and sommelier stories encapsulate the vibrant and evolving gastronomic landscape in London, inviting exploration and appreciation of diverse flavors and experiences.

Read the full Q&A with Emma for all her insights.

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