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1–2 July 2024
Olympia London

Imbibe Live’s Liquid Launch 2023

Imbibe Live unites the drinks community with a diverse and innovative mix of exhibitors, partners, tastings and masterclasses. Returning for 2023 is our Liquid Launch area, bringing together a range of new launches from our exhibitors.

Murtago Red Bitter, Spiriti Artigiani

Murtago is a white wine-based red bitter. The wine itself been infused with 18 different botanical herbs like Myrtle berries and Myrtle leaves, Tamarind, Clementine, Lemon, Rhubarb, Dandelion, Hyssop, pink pepper, pink grapefruit and several others. The red intense color is given by the natural colouring contained in purple potatoes and Myrtle berries. The complex tasting profile due to grapefruit, clementine, Tamarind and Myrtles makes it perfect for mixology.

The name “Murtago”, that means “mirto” in Sardinian language, is a clear reference to Sardinia and its traditions, and so is “Sa Pintadera” represented on the label, that is one of the most ancient Nuraghe symbols.

Tequila Black, JBE Imports

Founded by Domingo Rodriguez Suarez, Tequila Black uses the traditional recipes of the Aztecs and Mayans combined with the modern production methods of distilleries Espronceda in Spain, to create this evolutionary Tequila.

With a blend of three types of cocoa, along with vanilla, honey, and an array of spices, Domingo created a bitter chocolate liquid. Collaborating with his friends at the Magdalena distillery in Jalisco, they developed a light and irresistible Reposado Tequila using blue agave from the region. Finally, they combined the two creations, infusing rich Spanish dairy cream to enhance the Flavors and balance the bitterness, giving birth to Tequila Black 38.

Johny Bootlegger Apple and Clubtails Sex on the Beach, Geloso Beverage Group 

Johny Bootlegger Apple

The taste is a jailbreak…it’s busting out! It’s like biting into a slightly under ripe apple…but sweeter. It is a favorite of many because of its refreshing bite and delicious appley taste. Bust out some Alcatraz Sour Apple the next time you’re kickin’ back.

Clubtails Sex on the Beach

Sweet, refreshing, and a touch rebellious – no, we’re not talking about your dating app bio – just our take on the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail. Nothing says a good time quite like the mix of orange, peach, and cranberries. Enjoy this flavored malt beverage in a sugar-lined cocktail glass with a maraschino cherry or orange slice for extra pizazz or right out of the can.

Nocheluna Sotol, Oak & Still

Nocheluna Sotol is a rare spirit originating from the Chihuahuan Desert  and crafted from our community of sotoleros, wild spirits drawn to exploration and discovery. In harmony with nature, these pioneers are resilient to the core and are risk takers who live by their own rules.

This rare North Mexican spirit has a pronounced yet versatile flavor profile. An unmatched liquid born from the wild Sotol plant, Nocheluna embodies fresh minerality and light sweetness balanced by herbal tones and notes of dried stone fruits and cacao.

Born in the vastness of the Chihuahuan desert, Nocheluna is 100% distilled from the wild-harvested and extraordinary Sotol plant. The desert plays a critical role in creating the unique layers of flavors found in the Sotol plant.

Sotol production requires the unmatched skills and artistry of a Maestro Vinatero and a diverse team of experts to achieve small-batch excellence. Our Sotol is crafted by our fourth-generation Maestro Vinatero Don Ed uardo Arrieta (Don Lalo) in collaboration with master distiller, Iván Saldaña.

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