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1–2 July 2024
Olympia London

Eve Bar's Zero-Waste Cocktails and Culinary Collaboration

We are super excited to be coming along to Imbibe Live to chat a bit more about what we do at Eve Bar.

We are Mike Redman and Matt Fitzgerald, Head Bartender and Bar Manager at Eve respectively and we can't wait to share with you some fantastic cocktails from our new menu, Technique, which launched in April, as well as talk you through a bit more about our concept, here at Eve.

We are incredibly lucky to be one of the few bars in the country that has a Michelin-starred Kitchen upstairs. Eve is part of Adam Handling Group and upstairs is the Frog restaurant. Because of Chef Adam, we have always seen a synergy between chef and bartender, bar and kitchen, especially when it comes to experimenting with new flavours and creating zero-waste cocktails.

We are also lucky to have our own cocktail lab in the bar and our new menu, Technique showcases the key methods we use in the lab: Carbonation, Clarification, Distillation, Fermentation and Freezing, dedicating a section to each.

Theatre in Every Glass

We always add a touch of theatre to our drinks and each one on the menu shows how the bar team has worked with the kitchen team upstairs and given new life to ingredients that would otherwise be wasted. During our seminar at Imbibe Live, we will take you through some of these techniques whilst showing, through our cocktails, how we apply our signature ethos of zero-waste.

For example, with Rocket Fuel, created by our Assistant Bar Manager, Ellie Ireland, we wanted to utilise as many vegetable offcuts that come from the kitchen upstairs and turn them into a spicy kimchi. With the excess rocket, we cold infuse it into Tequila to add a peppery layer, which perfectly complements the drink. When it has reached peak fermentation, we juice the remaining vegetables and add lecithin powder to create an air that sits on top of the drink. This truly represents a kitchen to bar cocktail, in perfect harmony.

Another example you will see is our Bone Yard Martini. This is definitely one of our more out-there cocktails. When creating a menu, you tend to usually think of what Martini serve you can offer. The Bone Yard Martini came from simply watching the Frog chefs and seeing what else we could use. The way palates are going these days, they are much more steered towards umami. The beauty of having a Rotary Evaporator is that the possibilities of creating flavour profiles are endless. The kitchen makes stock weekly for their sauces and the delicious smell from the veal stock felt like it would be perfect to try and make into a drink. Experimenting with getting the flavour of the 48-hour cooked veal bone into a martini was too good to pass up. We will show you exactly how we did this – the methods, the ideas, and the many different versions it took to get it absolutely perfect.

Make Curds Not Whey: Utilising Beetroot and Milk Punch

We will also run you through Make Curds Not Whey, a cocktail in our Clarified
section. One of the methods we use is a milk punch. This technique is super versatile if you stick to the correct measurements. We will show how we have use beetroot from one of the dishes upstairs to make an earthy, yet delicate, clarified milk punch. To make use of more waste from the kitchen, Chef Adam suggested to use the curds from one of the sauces that Frog makes and turn them into little fritters, to serve as a garnish. This cocktail signifies what we do at Eve bar - we work alongside Michelin-starred chefs to utilise as much bi-product from the restaurant menu as possible, to create delicious zero-waste drinks.

We can’t wait to tell you more!

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