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Future drinks trends for 2024 and beyond

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Unveiling the Drink Trends of 2024/25

The world of beverages is always in flux, with evolving consumer tastes driving innovation and shaping the industry landscape. For hospitality professionals navigating the dynamic on-trade and off-trade drinks sector, staying ahead of trends isn't just important—it's essential.

Imbibe Live, the trailblazing event of the beverage industry, is the place to discover and experience the upcoming drink trends for 2024 and beyond. But before you join us at the next live event in July, we're giving you a glimpse into the future.

India's Beverage Boom

According to the insights gleaned from Global Drinks Intel Magazine, India is emerging as a significant growth market, promising a resurgence across various categories including whisky, white spirits, ready-to-drinks (RTDs), and agave-based beverages. The potential of this market is untapped, indicating new opportunities for on-trade professionals to diversify offerings and appeal to an international palate.

Grape Challenges & Sparkling Shifts

With the challenge of declining wine consumption and stiff competition, the wine category is poised to face some challenges. Yet, there is a buzzing potential seen in sparkling offerings, despite concerns of shifting dynamics due to economic pressures.

From the Champagne connoisseurs to the Prosecco enthusiasts, there is movement towards value—whether that means seeking premium options or trending towards more affordable alternatives.

Agave's Ascendancy and Whisky's World

The growth of higher-priced agave spirits is finding its footing outside of the traditionally US-centric market—a trend that speaks volumes about the exploratory nature of today's consumers.

Meanwhile, the whisky category continues to show remarkable resilience and diversity with offerings from Scotland, Irish whiskey, American whiskey, and more.

Innovative Techniques and Sustainable Choices

Looking at Matthew Clark's top ten drink trends for 2024, the future will hold a fusion of tradition and innovation. Cutting-edge methods like water-saving wash processes for eco-focused beverages are predicted to shine, aligning with a global push for sustainability.

Innovation is echoed in insights from The Cocktail Society, we will see a continued appetite for heightened classics and spritz cocktails, such as the Pinkster Gin Elderflower and Raspberry Spritz, promising ease and sophistication in a glass.

Low ABV, Non-Alcoholic Wines, and RTDs

The horizon is broadening for non-alcoholic drinks, with an uptick in the demand for no & low ABV options. From Crossip Fresh Citrus to innovative products like MAVRIK Mint, Cucumber & Chili Soda, consumers are seeking health-conscious alternatives without compromising on the social experience offered by traditional alcoholic beverages.

ADM Group emphasises the proliferation of RTDs, catering to both off-trade and on-trade occasions. Their versatility and continued product innovation make them a category worth watching.

CBD and Premiumisation

Infusions and the incorporation of CBD into beverages, as displayed in products like Aqua Sativa Strawberry Gin, reflect a market eager for novelty and personal wellness. And as reported by the Morning Advertiser, premium alcoholic offerings remain a steadfast trend — a nod to consumers' growing inclination towards specialty and high-quality experiences.

Attend Imbibe Live for the full trends of 2024 and beyond

For hospitality professionals, these trends signify a future steered by inventiveness, sustainability, and intricate consumer demands. Mastering this landscape means immersing oneself in the revolution of taste and industry standards.

To capture the essence of these 2024 drink trends and to future-proof your business strategies, consider attending Imbibe Live, where insight, innovation, and interaction await. It's an unmatched opportunity to connect with the minds shaping the beverage industry, to sample the future in real-time, and to equip yourself with the knowledge to turn these predictions into profits.

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