From Nothing to Everything

From Nothing to Everything

02 Jul 2019, 14:15 - 15:00

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Advances in technology coupled with rising consumer demand has fuelled the explosive revolution in low- and no-abv beer over the last few years. Adnams has been responsible for one of the game-changers: Ghost Ship 0.5%. Hear the story from its creator, master brewer Fergus Fitzgerald, in conversation with beer visionary, R&R’s Rupert Ponsonby, while you taste some of the market leaders. 


  • Fergus Fitzgerald


    Head Brewer


    Head Brewer at Adnams since 2008. Rescued from a life of testing cheese singles in a lab by the lure of brewing. Managed to completely rebuild and...

  • Rupert Ponsonby



    The Beer Academy

    Rupert loves beer. He also has a bit of a thing about wine and spirits. He is a beer writer, co-founder of The Beer Academy, keenly interested in...