Beer v Cider Smackdown

Beer v Cider Smackdown

02 Jul 2019, 13:30 - 14:15

Chef's Table

With a year’s break since their last gargantuan tustle, Beer and Cider Ambassadors Mitch Adams and Tom Oliver are back in serious training for the food match of the year. Will it be beer or will it be cider that tops out against the taste-fuelled creations of restaurateur, author & MasterChef Winner Tim Anderson? You decide. Join Mitch and Tom as they don the lycra body suits and fight to the death.


  • Mitch Adams


    Operations Manager and Beer Buyer


    In 2018 I was appointed Operations Manager and Beer Buyer for importer & distributor Euroboozer. We import beer from around the world including...

  • Tom Oliver


    Director & Owner

    Oliver's Cider and Perry Ltd.

    Renowned as one of the world’s greatest cidermakers, Tom Oliver is as much a visionary as a custodian of the traditions of the past. Born and raised...

  • Tim Anderson


    Chef & Restaurateur

    Tim Anderson is a chef, restaurateur, author & MasterChef Winner. Tim counts his main influences as his American heritage along with his love for...