Top of the Hops!

Top of the Hops!

02 Jul 2019, 11:00 - 11:45

The Tasting Room

Ever since Oakham Ales burst on the scene with Citra, single hops have packed a punch on the bar with an instant appeal for drinkers. 

Join the Society of Independent Brewer’s Neil Walker for an update. From pale ale to dark, citrus and tropical fruit to pine needles and pepper, join Neil to rub and smell the hops that contribute the flavours and aromas characteristics of six leading examples from SIBA members. Then you vote: which is your Top of the Hops?


  • Neil Walker


    SIBA Head of PR & Marketing

    Neil Walker is Head of PR & Marketing at the Society of Independent Brewers. As a Director of the British Guild of Beer Writers, beer writer and...