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Symphonia is a range of handcrafted spirits produced in Northern Ireland, we combine local ingredients and cutting edge distillation processes to extract the essence of the Irish countryside and capture them in a bottle. Using our knowledge of flavour molecules each botanical is distilled under bespoke conditions that retains flavours often lost during traditional methods. Science turns to art as the various flavour notes are carefully balanced to make a series of unique compositions - our Symphonias. The spirits are the brainchild of Dr Ulrich Dyer who after 30 years as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry has turned his skills to gin making, others have dubbed him the “Heston Blumenthal of gin” and like his mentor you can taste the single minded focus and passion for flavour in his spirits. .


  • Symphonia No.1 Dry Gin

    Small batch distilled gin from Northern Ireland with the finest notes of juniper, citrus and fresh local herbs and flowers.

  • Symphonia No. 2 Apple Gin

    Small batch fruit gin with crisp, green Armagh Bramley apples

  • Symphonia No. 3 Fruit Cup

    Small batch spirit drink composed of the finest notes of summer fruits and berries beautifully balanced with gin botanicals.

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    Symphonia Spirits

    14 Lisgobban Road Dungannon County Tyrone BT71 7PT United Kingdom
    Tel:  +44 7889769320


  • Introducing Symphonia

    Using our scientific knowledge we have devised some highly efficient and effective processes to distill out the essences of the Irish countryside and ...


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