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We toast our tipples to Martin Frobisher, that most fervent of fruiterers! He sailed the 16th-century seas, discovering remarkable fruits which he bashed and bottled, to embolden his crew. His were unassuming, underestimated fruit tipples. Their raison d’rink? Courage without the Dutch! And so rum became redundant, scurvy scarpered – and England was enriched by Frobisher’s formidable fruitage.* *fabula veritatem maiora – never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


  • Martin Frobisher's Jubilant Juices

    Our simplest, most timeless range of 9 juices. Fabulous fruit (and nothing else) skinned, squashed and siphoned into an elegant glass bottle. Pe...

  • Martin Frobisher's Fantastical Fusions

    Three Jazzy fruit juice combos, loosened up with a dash of water for a lighter, rather-too-moreish gulp. The most reliable refresher that ever there w...

  • Martin Frobisher's Curious Cordials

    Exceptionally aromatic cordials, made with shiploads of fruit and botanicals. Delightfully dilutable and wonderfully refreshing. Add sparkling water f...

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    Martin Frobishers

    6a Cranmere Court Matford Business Park Exeter Devon EX2 8PW United Kingdom
    Tel:  +44 8702421989



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