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Born and blended in London, Dalston's craft sodas go back to basics, putting real ingredients back at the heart of soft drinks. Dalston's produce two ranges of craft sodas. Their core range is a modern twist on classic known fizzy drinks - only made better.  These come packed with real ingredients, contain no junk and have a 1/3rd less sugar than the mainstream. This year they recently launched a brand new range of sparkling waters - what they like to call their Soda 'Lights', with flavours including ‘Real Squeezed Rhubarb’ and ‘Real Squeezed Elderflower’. They contain no-added sugar and come in at only 20 calories per can. Containing real fruit, distilled botanicals (natural flavourings) and British sparkling spring water, they punch great flavour whilst containing a super permissible low amount of calories. Most recently, Dalston's launched a their brand new sparkling water sourced from a British spring.. in a can! Dalston's are refreshing the nation responsibly! #sodawithsoul


  • Dalston's Ginger Beer

    A clean, crisp and fiery ginger beer with zesty lime juice. Sold in 330 ml recyclable cans.

  • Dalston's Lemonade

    A crisp, refreshing real lemonade made from Sicilian lemons, spring water and cold-pressed lemon extract for a more complex taste. Sold in 330 ml recy...

  • Dalston's Orangeade

    Made with Sicilian orange juices and blended with cold-pressed blood orange extract for a ‘whole fruit’ taste. Sold in 330 ml recyclable cans.

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    Dalston’s Soda Company

    Dalston’s Soda Co 33 Queen St, London Greater London EC4R 1AP United Kingdom
    Tel:  +44 7495169638


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