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Heidi Bjerkan

Job TitleChef de Cuisine and Owner

Company NameCredo Restaurant


Heidi Bjerkan is a Norwegian chef and the chef de cuisine and owner of Credo Restaurant in Trondheim.

Heidi grew up in Trondheim and on her grandfather’s boat in Garten along the Trøndelag coast. Here she developed strong connections to the land and sea, which to this day may be seen in her cooking. 

Bjerkan's career within the food industry started already when she was eighteen years old during a summer job at the café at Østbanehallen. She soon realized that she wanted to work as a chef, as the high tempo within a kitchen fed Bjerkan's natural habit of being restless.

Heidi is passionate about raising awareness of local food systems, improving land use practices and preserving the traditional food cultures of the region. 

For Heidi, the farmers are the heroes of this story, and it is their work that should shine above all others. During a meal at Credo, Heidi takes all of her guests on a personal tour through the gardens, waterways and forests where raw ingredients grow.

Conference Sessions

  • Nordic Flavours

    01 Jul 2019, 13:00 - 13:45, Chef's Table

    Heidi Bjerkan is a master of Nordic-style cooking and the first female Norwegian chef to receive a Michelin star for her restaurant, Credo. Based in Trondheim, ...

    • Language: English