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Alvar Roosima

Job TitleFounder

Company NameJaanihanso Ciderhouse


Alvar was born in Tallinn Estonia just early enough to witness the last days of Soviet rule in the country and the renewal of independence. Studied milk and dairy work in Germany after high school, then business in Estonia and later finance in London Business School. Worked in investments and finance until realizing that it was fundamentally utterly dull.

Connection with cider has always been there, Estonia is a country of apples and domestic cider making is widespread. In 2013 decision was made to turn the longtime hobby into professional cidermaking and Jaanihanso Ciderhouse was born. Alvar took a cidermaking course in Gloucestershire and practiced at one of the venerable traditional Somerset cider farms.

Alvar always wanted to make cider that was a worthy alternative to high quality sparkling wine made by méthode champenoise -- as opposed to alcopops, wine coolers and bad beer, which comprises the group where modern cider is traditionally positioned at. Except for the fruit, all production cues, steps and techniques are adopted from champagne making: wild yeast, no filtration, no forced carbonation, no pasteurization, long maturation on lees and minimum dosage.

Since its garage-made first batch in 2013, Jaanihanso Ciders have found their way to the nicest and sometimes Michelin-decorated restaurants in Helsinki, Barcelona, Dublin and Toronto; cool champagne bars and cocktail lounges in Amsterdam, Tulsa, New Orleans and Kansas City; finest hotels in Hamburg, Bremen and Kiel. If nothing else, this shows that there a spot for cider in the fine sparkling world that is waiting for cider makers more ambitious about their craft.

Conference Sessions

  • Méthode Champenoise Cider

    01 Jul 2019, 15:30 - 16:15, The Tasting Room

    Sparkling cider and perry predate Champagne, as 17th century Royal Society records show, so it is perhaps not surprising that traditional method cider is once m...

    • Language: English