Coldn blac

Before London was awash with saffron-infused martinis and agave margaritas, mixologist and photographer, Tem Mellese, was concocting some of the most innovative and exciting drinks in one of London’s first pop-up style cocktail bars in Broadway Market.

It was here, that Mellese and his team began to dream about merging the excitement of cocktails with the burgeoning London coffee buzz to create a coffee liqueur that was just as satisfying as drinking the finest, freshest cup from a small batch roaster. And how better to do it than with cold extracted coffee...

Cold-processed coffee undergoes a slow process of distilling cold liquids through coffee grounds to create a more condensed drop. Not only does this process produce less waste, it is perfect for cocktails as it remains smooth and naturally sweet without activating the full on bitterness and dominant acidity of an espresso, creating a subtler and more nuanced cup, bursting with flavour and tonality.

We have developed four separate systems of cold extraction, combining traditional inspired processes as well as modern techniques, using bespoke, made to order brew tanks. This is done in traditional East London style, with locally based design engineers, copper beaters as well as using food grade stainless-steel welders and barrel coopers. Each of our brew tanks are designed for a specific part in the brewing process, incorporating hybrid materials, moving parts, inspection windows and pressure release mechanisms.

Cold&Blac: A coffee spirit.


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