Distillers Tonic (Stand F55)

Distillers Tonic

It’s a story about Tonic, but it all started with the 21st century Gin revival!

The growing interest in premium gins has led to an explosion in small-scale, craft Gin makers. Each distillery carefully blends its chosen mix of botanicals – selecting from floral, citrus, herbs and spices, but always led by juniper – to distil their own unique Gin with its signature balance of delicate flavours. All so delicious, yet so different.

To deliver the full taste experience for these lovingly-crafted Gins, we created a Tonic with a subtle flavour profile; super-smooth, with just enough lemon and lime zing to ensure the individual flavours of the Gin shine through. Yes, we wanted to make your G&T more about the G than the T. Distillers Tonics are gently carbonated, classic Tonic waters that contain no infused botanicals, so the character and flavour of the Gin is kept intact. No rosemary, cherry blossom or cardamom to be found here – so your Gin tastes just as the distiller intended.

That’s why it’s the distillers’ choice. (P.S. It’s extremely good with other spirits too!)

Website: www.distillerstonic.com