Emporia Brands (Stand B110 & A2)

Company Emporia

Emporia Brands, Spirits Importer of the Year at last year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition, is a spirits importer, exporter and innovator which is relentless in seeking, around the world, distillers who respect artisan traditions of quality, in both the ingredients and process, and shun industrial shortcuts in the pursuit of truly great drinks.

We will be launching two new premium spirits at this year’s Imbibe Live: Emporia are launching the new range of Armagnac Marquis: an Armagnac with a millennium of tradition and savoir faire. A stunning new launch. Hoxton Gin will be offering a preview of its latest makeover, ahead of its release on July 11th, and the official bartender launch party at Wringer and Mangle, London Fields on Monday 5th September; a slightly changed flavour, but still driven by fresh grapefruit and coconut, and a stylish new bottle.

Website: www.emporiabrands.com


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