Speaker - Christian Dautel

chirstian dautel

Winemaking in Württemberg dates back to 1510 and the Dautel winery is in the heart of the region at Bönnigheim. Ernst Dautel recognised the potential of his vineyards and knew he could create wines of the calibre he had tasted on his travels in Italy and France.

The present winemaker, his son Christian, has the same dedication. Christian’s passion comes from time spent learning his craft in South Africa, USA, Australia and Comtes Lafon in France.

All vineyards are hand harvested and organically fertilized. The importance of the vineyards is made evident by the cabinet displaying the different soils which stands at the entrance of the cellars.

The Forstberg, coloured marl soil, is planted with Cote de Nuits clones and produces top Pinot Noir.

The Schupen vineyards produce some of the best Pinot Noir from vines planted in the 1970s. The soils are Gipskeuper (lime and clay) and Shilfsandstein (red sandstone).

The Sonnenberg (sunny hill) Shilfsandstein vineyard, first noted 1200 years ago, at 49 degrees produces Pinot Noir with intense flavour.