Speaker - Sophie Decobecq

Sophie Decobecq

'Massive agave lover' would be just one description for Sophie Decobecq. French-born Sophie is also a biologist, engineer and possibly the only non-Mexican, female distiller of premium tequila in the world.

Sophie fell in love with the amazing and tasty agave plant in 1999. Since then her passion for agave spirits, fermentation, distillation and ageing tequila has grown exponentially. In 2005 Sophie finalised her recipe and production of her full range of Highland tequilas under the brand name Calle 23, named after the street in Guadalajara where she and her friends were celebrating her first batch of tequila.

Besides tequila, Sophie is also a lover of all other agave deliciousness produced in Mexico. Mexican agave spirits producers are like a large family, helping each other, and that’s something Sophie enjoys more than anything. She is highly regarded and much loved within the world of quality Mexican agave distillers.