Aris Makris

Aristotelis Makris, originally from Greece, has spent six years in hospitality, moving to Paris in 2014 to assist Sullivan Doh with the opening of Le Syndicat. There he has been his right-hand man for about two years – no one understands the exclusively French spirits behind the bar more than he does. He has accompanied Doh on all visits to producers, feeding his knowledge from the source.

He’s dedicated to educating people and since Sullivan’s second venture La Commune opened, he has been at the helm of Le Syndicat. Fully recognised as a growing talent and major actor in the Paris bar scene, he’s pushing the limits of locavorism. He will soon release his new menu in which he decided to pay tribute to all the best bars of Paris. He immersed himself in the project in order to come up with cocktails which would truly capture the essence of each bar he chose. A never-before-done project – using French spirits only of course!