Jeffrey Chilcott

Jeff is a native of New Zealand – from Waimauku in Auckland. Whilst travelling and working his way around Italy in 1990, he found himself in Piemonte, and at Tenute Marchesi di Grésy where he found work. It turned out to be the start of a long and successful relationship.

The Marchesi di Grésy estate, owned by the Di Grésy family since 1797, began producing their own wines in 1973. The vineyards are situated in Langhe and Monferrato – recognized as the home of Piemonte's greatest wines. Jeff didn’t settle at Marchesi di Grésy fully until 1998.

In the intervening years he spent some time at other wineries elsewhere in Italy, Burgundy and back home in New Zealand. Now in his third decade at the winery, Jeff works as Cellar Master, managing day-to-day operations. He works closely with winemaker Mateo Sasso and consultant Piero Ballario. He’s also well-travelled as a great ambassador for Marchesi di Gresy across the world.

Outside of wine, Jeff’s a big music addict and a fan of Manchester United!