Derek Mossman Knapp

Derek Mossman Knapp is a Canadian-born Chilean winemaker and founder of Garage Wine Co.

Garage Wine Co. began, quite literally, in a garage in 2001. After a few informal vintages for family and friends, Chile’s El Mercurio newspaper referenced ‘that garage wine company’ in an article about the growing grass roots movement of small wine producers. The name stuck.

At Garage, Derek Mossman Knapp makes a series of small Lots of 8 to 17 barrels each. The Lot numbers seen on their bottles refer to bottlings – eg. Lot 47 Old Vine Carignan was the 47th wine bottle they started.

Independence is key here. Garage champions small growers and sets out to create a company where farmers have autonomy over their land. In 2009, Garage teamed up with 11 other small independent producers to form the Movement of Independent Vinters (MOVI), and together they have done a terrific job of raising the profile of boutique winemaking in Chile.