Sam Caporn

Sam Caporn a.k.a. The Mistress of Wine entered the trade knowing absolutely nothing about wine. Zilch. Nada. Not a sausage. But fast forward over twenty years and it's fair to say that she knows a lot more about wine than she did then. She has learnt that wine is to be enjoyed – it's not Holy Water but it can be magical. She believes that apart from tasting delicious, it really does speak of another place, and that for anyone who likes travel and food as much as she does, that's pretty brilliant.

She says: ‘Captured in a single bottle is the toil of a number of different people, from a different place and culture, using different grapes grown in a different climate and amazingly that can all be tasted in your glass. If you just know what to look for.’

What she loves best is sharing those all-important signposts to show how to get the most out of your glass of wine simply by knowing what you’re searching for. A little bit of learning really does go a long way so join her if you too want to learn to love wine.