VdT Party

Imbibe Live visitors who swung by the Italian Pavilion – a first-time feature at the show – may have had the chance to say hello to the newly formed alliance of 15 of Piedmont’s top vermouth producers, known as the Vermouth di Torino Institute.

The Institute helped send the show off with a bang by holding a final aperitivo at Ritorno bar in Chelsea on 4 July. While other venues celebrated Independence Day, things were going down Italian style at the party, with some rather well-known guests turning up to join in the fun.

Imbibe Live speaker Hidetsugo Ueno aka Ueno San, bartending legends Salvatore Calabrese and Peter Dorelli and Campari’s Loris Contro were among the faces in the crowd. The gathering was hosted by Roberto Bava, president of the Institute and Roberta Mariani, Martini’s Global Brand Ambassador.

The Vermouth di Torino Institute was set up under the common goals of producers in the region, in light of the coming legal denomination for Vermouth di Torino. This was the first celebration it has hosted in the UK, after launching in Turin on 7 April.