Legendary Italian soft drink producer J Gasco will make its debut at Imbibe Live this year, and part of the range it will bring to the show will be Tonic 13.5, the first tonic 100% made in Italy that revisits the traditional quinine-based recipe in a light variation.

For those who are both health and taste conscious, the 13.5 is a premium dry tonic developed specifically for professional mixing. The sugar free recipe with natural fructose enhances without overpowering the notes of the G&T.

Tonic 13.5 is produced using Mediterranean juniper berry extract. The essential oils enhance the bitter component of the tonic and the aromatic properties of the spirits, making it the ideal mixer even for complex mixes with Gins of particularly rich botanic bouquets.

Without artificial colors or preservatives, the 13.5 maintains the same excellent qualities of the other two premium tonics from J Gasco, the Indian Tonic and the Dry Bitter Tonic, but with only 13.5 calories per 100ml, which is 59% less than the classic versions, qualifying amongst premium mixers as the tonic with the lowest calories in the world.

Visit J Gasco at the spirit showcase