OldForester Statesman aDSC 2328

Imbibe Live exhibitor and America’s first bottled Bourbon, Old Forester, has an exciting new release in the pipeline, to be sampled by a few of you lucky visitors at the show.

Old Forester Statesman is being released in September in partnership with the upcoming Kingsman sequel, but fortunately, you don’t have to wait until then to get a sneaky sip.

This whisky is sourced from hand-selected barrels matured in the warmest temperature locations of the Old Forester warehouse, creating a complex bourbon with a rich and deep flavour profile. Tasting notes promise smooth caramel and leather, with a flash of black pepper, cinnamon, and orange citrus.

‘Old Forester is a brand with a great story to tell, and has a real role to play in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Old Forester Statesman, the bourbon we’ve created for the film is a balanced whisky at 95 proof – it’s unbelievably smooth, with a long finish and we’re looking forward to bringing it to the UK later this year.’

Still made by the same founding family. Old Forester is the only bourbon that has been continuously produced pre-, during and post-Prohibition Made using a recipe first introduced in 1870, this high in rye bourbon is full-bodied and rich. Old Forester delivers a genuine bourbon experience, making it perfect for sipping neat, or in a Whiskey Smash, or in a whole plethora of whiskey cocktails.

Visit stand B61 to try the Old Forester range