You’d be hard-pressed to find a bartender that doesn’t love or even live on coffee and gin, and Imbibe Live will see the launch of one of the UK’s first product which unites the two.

Boutique brand Faith & Sons’ forthcoming release: Cold Press Organic Coffee Gin, will launch at the show, and the team can’t wait to try it. The newest product to come from the Manchester-based microdistillery will combine Faith & Sons Manchester Dry Gin with cold-pressed coffee to create a high abv liqueur which is said to hold the two in perfect balance, and founder Filipe Sousa believes it is the first of its kind.

He sources green coffee beans and roasts them himself at the distillery in his back garden, before cold-pressing them – a process which removes excess bitterness and acidic compounds. By adding minimal sugar to the concoction, Sousa says the liquid – which comes in at 37.5% abv – retains all its separate coffee and gin characteristics.

‘There´s a few spirits with cold-press coffee already but nothing with gin, so I think is the first in the UK,’ said Sousa, adding that even he was suspicious of how the coffee gin would taste – but very pleasantly surprised by the result.

He gets the benefit of the doubt until the show – ‘cos you gotta have Faith!

Visit the Spirit Showcase to try Faith & Sons' range