Wild Tiger

India’s first Premium Rum brand, Wild Tiger, is bringing its new release and second ever product to Imbibe Live 2017.

Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum will join the Wild party at the Spirit Showcase, as Asia’s first premium spiced rum. Molasses-based and coming in at 38% abv, it’s richly spiced with a heady mixture that speaks to its Indian heritage.

Infused with flavours from the Malabar coast, the rum will is packed with flavours of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, liquorice, black pepper and tea, amongst others. Creator of the brand, Gautom Menon, believes that a Spiced Rum from India could very well be the disruption the category so much deserves, given Wild Tiger Spiced’s packaging, blend and strong provenance.

Made in Kerala, South India, the brand is not only unique in terms of each of its handcrafted bottles bearing unique tiger stripes, but also the idea and the cause that it supports make it even more special. As part of its core policy, the brand donates 10% of its profits to tiger conservation products in southern India, where it has set up the Wild Tiger Foundation, which works with other established charities and tiger experts.

Visit Wild Tiger at the Spirit Showcase to find out more