Hofmeister bottle and glass

Who remembers Hofmeister, the old stalwart of the ‘80s and ‘90s with the slogan ‘Follow the Bear’? Well, the good news is, it’s back, and the only thing that’s stayed the same is the name.

The classic beer, retired in the early 2000s after it was acquired by Heineken, became a ‘casualty of globalisation’, but once enjoyed mainstream fame – in fact, 75% of those over 40 recall the brand, according to surveys.

The genuine helles lager was relaunched in January, and the new release aims to bring things back to the brew’s Bavarian roots. It’s presence at Imbibe Live represents one of the first big pushes for the brand since the relaunch.

Keen to get people talking and propel the brand back into the limelight, the team are organising a ‘Hofmeister Moment’ at stand G86 which will take place at 4pm on Day 1 of the show. There will be bratwurst and other Bavarian snacks, free merchandise and perhaps even a few surprises in store.

‘Helles is the lager drunk and sold at Oktoberfest, so we want to make that central to bringing the brand back,’ said Zoe Howorth, marketing director of Hofmeister Enterprises Ltd, going on to explain that the new Hofmeister is aimed at the discerning 21st century beer drinker whilst staying firmly anchored to Bavarian beer culture. ‘We’re not an old-fashioned brand; we want a contemporary take on Oktoberfest.’

Provenance and independence are important factors too for the new Hofmeister company, which uses many ingredients from the Bavarian valley in its processes. 'In a way, the new brand “follows the bear” back to Bavaria, in that it is now a genuine Bavarian product,’ said Richard Siddle, heading up PR for the brand.

The beer is slow-brewed according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law, and uses aromatic Hallertau hops, Bavarian malt and Munich yeast. The result is a clean and refreshing lager with a restrained hops character, medium bodied and malt-led, coming in at 5% abv with a fragrant, dry finish.

Visit stand G86 to try the new and improved Hofmeister beer