Lynx Purchasing Summer fresh food

After last week’s general election, meant to clear up a thing or two about Brexit, the landscape seems to be even more unstable than before when it comes to food and drink purchasing and the impact of recent activities on the pound.

Fortunately, Lynx Purchasing is here to help, and it’ll be around at Imbibe Live to help quell some of your economic woes. The company works with more than 2,200 hospitality and catering operators to match them with the best suppliers and get the best possible prices on food and drink, as well as a whole range of essential products and services.

The summer 2017 Lynx Purchasing Market Forecast was released shortly before the General Election, and shows a slight climb-down on the rate that prices are rising, now at 6% over the year to June, down from 9% in the year to March 2017. But the purchasing specialist warns the hospitality sector urgently needs a period of market stability to help operators deal with the impact of food and drink inflation.

‘The long-term impact of Brexit on the hospitality sector will be decided by the nature of the deal in a range of areas, including faming and fisheries policy, import tariffs, and the availability of migrant labour,’ said Rachel Dobson, Lynx’s managing director.

‘Whatever is decided, it will be several years before anything changes, and operators will have plenty of notice to plan. What’s needed is market stability in the interim.’

Among the specific product areas featured in the latest Market Forecast are:

• Meat: up 5% year-on-year

• Dairy: up 9% year-on-year

• Fruit & veg: up 6% year-on-year

The summer 2017 edition of the Lynx Purchasing Market Forecast can be downloaded here for free.

To find out more visit Lynx Purchasing on stand B102