Nordic Way

It’s all gone a little bit Scandinavian lately, hasn’t it? Few could escape the hygge craze over the Christmas period, and people are munching rye-bread open sandwiches everywhere you look.

But what about the drinks? Nordic drinking was been predicted as a big trend for 2017, so Imbibe Live has arranged for an audience with Emil Åreng of Open/Closed bar in Umeå, Sweden, to show you how to rock the bar Scandi-style.

From Aquavit to pickles; foraged ingredients and local spirits to the art of story-telling, Åreng will share his philosophy with you on this rather beautiful style of making drinks.

Named as Bartender of the Year in Sweden’s Time Out Awards 2015, his impressive CV is complemented by his appearances in world-leading competitions such as Diageo World Class. And to top off those Scandinavian credentials, he comes from the only part of Sweden where the famous ‘cloudberry’ grows!

Northern Lights, Day 1, 3pm, Cocktail Lounge