Blind tasting

Blind tasting is the ultimate way to put your senses to the test when it comes to trying products. We all want to be impartial when it comes to bottles, labels and brands but this is truly the way to stop your other senses from clouding your judgement.

But it can be a challenge. Imbibe Live’s ‘Getting into the Spirit: Product v Package’ session will teach you how to use the WSET’s (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits and Liqueurs to help you expertly dissect the different characteristics of a given liquid, allowing you to write better and more precise tasting notes and assess quality, helping you to build a better spirits offering.

The WSET provides best-in-class education and qualifications to inspire and empower the world’s wine and spirits professionals and enthusiasts with nine qualifications offered, covering wines, spirits and sake. The Systematic Approach to Tasting is designed to build individuals' skills progressively through the different qualification levels, helping you to get the absolute best of your knowledge when applying it to real-life tasting.

Getting into the Spirit: Product v Package, Day 2, 11.15am, The Academy