Madeira womens team

One producer making an exciting debut this year is Madeira Vinters, a wine producer still in its early days with one very special factor – the team consists entirely of women!

A branch of CAF – the agricultural foundation of Madeira – it was established in 2013, aimed at the production exercising strict controls in the cultivation, selection and production of vine varieties, pushing for a standard of excellence in the fortified wines for which the island is so well known – with the added female factor.

The ladies of Madeira Vinters produce four varieties: Dry, Medium Dry, Medium Sweet and Sweet. Their first wine was released in April 2016, to mark the 65th anniversary of CAF. Every step of the process is carried out by women, from growing to control and selection to production and marketing.

Since the wines were released, they have won numerous awards in competitions including but not limited to Vino y Mujer 2016 and 2017, the Challenge International du Vin and the UK’s Sommelier Wine Awards. They are a true tribute to the women of Madeira.

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