Keeping it local

Locavorism: if you haven’t heard this particular term before, you may still be aware of the concept. The growing trend for championing local produce and suppliers has been big news in recent years, particularly in the food industry, and the drinks industry is starting to catch up.

From strengthening local economies to the environmental benefits of sourcing ingredients and products in the same region as your premises, being part of this positive wider movement can bring a real sense of pride to your venue. It helps with building relationships with suppliers and producers and it’s something many of your customers will truly appreciate.

That’s why Imbibe Live is flying in two of Paris’ hottest cocktail talents, who really have the savoir-faire in this area, to host a session on the subject.

Sullivan Doh and Aris Makris from Le Syndicat and La Commune will join Louis Lewis-Smith from The Dark Horse in Bath to talk provenance for the Living la Vida Local session at 3pm in the Cocktail Lounge on Day 2 of the show.