Geology Rocks

If you’ve already had a look through Imbibe Live’s exciting programme of speakers and events, you may have noticed that Professor Alex Maltman will be taking the floor for the wine session, ‘Minerality, what Minerality?’ on Tuesday 4 July. From the Department of Geography & Earth Sciences at Aberystwyth University, this is a man whose knowledge of wine goes far beyond the contents of the glass, or even the vine.

For the wine geek who wants to truly understand how terroir influences flavours, this session will explore minerality and the science of what lies below the vineyard.

Maltman’s long and decorated career in academia has involved some of the Earth’s high mountains, drilling below the floors of the deepest parts of the oceans, and a lot of geological matters in between. It’s been augmented by his passion for wine – he has grown vines and made wine at his home in Wales for over 40 years. This is what sparked his curiosity, causing him to embark on his long journey into researching the much mentioned but little understood relationship between wine and vineyard geology

The session will be co-hosted by none other than former UK Sommelier of the Year Laura Rhys MS. Based in London, Laura judges for sommelier competitions and national and international wine competitions. A regular host of tastings, wine dinners and seminars, Laura also offers advice in schools to pupils considering a career as sommelier and is an active member of the Court of Sommeliers Europe.

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