Imbibe Live is delighted to announce that the legendary Japanese bartender Hidetsugo Ueno will be hosting a masterclass at the show.

‘Big in Japan’, taking place on Centre Stage at 1.30pm on Tuesday 4 July, will see Ueno, known to his fans as Ueno San, take attendees on a journey into the world of Japanese bartending. If you want to know your three from your four-point shake or wondered how this ‘ice master’ carves his famous ice diamonds, this is the session for you.

‘The Japanese think of ice as a tool,’ said Ueno, whose ice is factory-made for optimum carve-ability. ‘We have our ice frozen over three days so it is very cold, very hard and very clear – and then we keep it at -20°C.’

He’ll be on hand to explain the big differences between Japanese and Western bartending, and show you why there is more to this coveted style than meets the eye.

Ueno began his bartending career in 1992 and is now one of the world’s best-known bartenders. Having progressed through popular Tokyo spot Star Bar before opening his own – Bar High Five, now a Tokyo institution – he has been a winner in international cocktail competitions and now often judges world leading contests. You can view this and the rest of our exciting programme here.