Tinker better resized

Imbibe Live 2017 will showcase newcomer Tinker Gin, a British made, Spanish style spirit which displays well-rounded berries and gentle sherbet.

The exponential growth of the gin market shows little sign of slowing down, and after a successful crowdfunding campaign back in November, Bradford-based Jym and Marie Harris looked to the world leader in Gin and Tonic serves, Spain, for inspiration, and created their gin back home in Yorkshire.

If you’ve never had a Spanish Gin and Tonic, or Gintonic, it really is a thing of beauty: a deliberate gin and tonic pairing served over an elaborate garnish in a balloon glass (ideally with a 2:1 or 3:2 tonic to gin ratio).

This is how Tinker wants to be served, with slices of pear to complement its softer, more rounded style – including orange and lemon peels, liquorice, nutmeg and elderberries – typical of Spanish gins.

To find out more visit Tinker Gin at stand G40.