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Why visit Imbibe Live?

If you source, buy or serve drinks within the licensed on-trade and want to keep up with key industry trends, Imbibe Live is the must-attend show for you.

This year’s programme has been shaped and designed by top industry professionals and ambassadors within each drinks category, as well as Imbibe Magazine’s award-winning team of writers. Whether you’re interested in wine, spirits, beer, cider, soft drinks or the full spectrum of drinks, Imbibe has worked with specialists to create an unrivalled exhibition for those who want to improve their drinks knowledge, business acumen, service skills and hospitality offering. 

Who should visit?

Imbibe Live is designed for wine, beer and spirits buyers, F&B Managers, multi-managed retailers, owners, proprietors, general managers, landlords, restaurant managers, bar managers, bartenders, mixologists, wine waiters and sommeliers.  

Imbibe Live will actively help drinks staff in the following types of establishment build on their skills and make a positive contribution to their business: restaurants, bars, gastropubs, caterers, hotels, independent retailers, multi-managed retailers, members clubs, nightclubs, premium pubs, private clubs, private sports clubs and specialist drinks shops.

Reasons to attend

  • Pick up hundreds of new drinks and product ideas that will excite your customers 
  • Tap into the latest drinks trends and new products
  • Listen to thought-provoking talks from leading drinks experts
  • Take part in tastings covered by Imbibe Magazine
  • Find out new ways to increase profits from drinks sales through business-focussed seminars
  • Experience rare tastings across all categories
  • Get bespoke advice from the Imbibe team such as drinks list assessment 
  • Network with peers and industry players from all the different drinks sectors
  • Be inspired by Imbibe's creative out-of-the-box thinking
  • Discover a wide range of other products from associated sectors such as snacks, glassware and equipment

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