Imbibe Live 2017 - Blends showcase top wine regions in the Wine Bar

Blends showcase top wine regions in the Wine Bar

blends2.jpgBlends is a collection of quality-focused wineries located in some of the world’s top wine regions. Their family of wine estates currently comprises Bodegas Vistalba and Argento from Argentina, Bodega Garzón from Uruguay, Renwood Winery from California, Dievole from Italy, and Chateau Suau from France.

Their vision is to bring the best of each wine region to customers around the world and to offer wines that express a true sense of place. Speaking of Blends’ purpose and aim, company Director Carlos Pulenta said: “We are interested in growing grapes and making wine in places where we can develop the fullest expression of a variety.”

Visit Blends Wine Estates at the Wine Bar at Imbibe Live.

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