Imbibe Live 2017 - France and Italy take the last two spots at the Hop & Apple Bar!

France and Italy take the last two spots at the Hop & Apple Bar!


The Hop & Apple Bar will be showcasing brands from around the world at Imbibe Live next week. The latest additions to the area are:

L'Atypique Craft Cidre

L'Atypique Craft Cidre work with small, organic, single estate producers in the Pays d'Auge region of Normandy to bring an incredible collection of craft cidres to the UK market.

The way cider is approached in the UK is changing and L'Atypique are at the forefront of providing high quality examples to the sector.

L'Atypique Craft Cidre launched in Spring 2015 and have found a place among craft beer and the quality wine market in both on and off trade venues and shops.


The team behind ORA started to brew an Italian craft beer 10 years ago in a small garage in Modena, and now they are in 35 pubs, restaurants and speciality beer shops around London and Northern Italy.

They have developed two amazing recipes, a Pilsner and an Italian Ale, both beers build on the classic German and Scottish recipe but enhanced with the purest italian ingredients, and are working with cocktail consultants and Italian chef to develop pairings with ORA and make your experience even more special!

Visit l’Atypique and ORA at the Hop & Apple Bar to learn more.


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