Imbibe Live 2017 - 55 Above Launches New Orange Infused Gin

55 Above Launches New Orange Infused Gin

orange infused gin actual bottle

IWSC award winning distillers, 55 Above, will be launching their new Orange Infused Gin at Imbibe Live. Distilled with the same meticulous care as 55 Above’s vodka range, this zesty gin provides a unique drinking experience that echoes the past in an entirely fresh and modern way.

In developing and launching this new product, 55 Above aimed to equal their first year of success by combining the fire and passion of 55 Above’s spirits and the crisp , refreshing bite of distilled gin and botanicals. The natural juniper flavours of gin are mixed with a selection of lush botanicals including tangerines, Seville orange and lemon zest, coriander, bay leaves, and macadamia nuts.

Craig Hogg, Brand and Development Manager of 55 Above, says, ‘Our intention is as always to deliver a compromise free product; and in calling it a ‘product’ it sounds clinical and contrived – but the gin we are now launching is far from clinical or contrived and in fact it was borne out of an idea to create a crisp gin with a unique taste, more like an experience than a product.’

Visit 55 Above at stand B80 to learn more.

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