Imbibe Live 2017 - Rockland Distilleries to Appear at Imbibe Live


Rockland Distilleries to Appear at Imbibe Live

Ceylon Arrack

Family owned business, Rockland Distilleries, will be at Imbibe Live to present their diverse range of products. A pioneering venture set up to produce high quality Arrack for the first time in Ceylon’s history, the company remains to be one of the most advanced distilleries in Sri Lanka. Colombo Gin and Ceylon Arrack are just some of the products that will be available for visitors at the event.

Consisting of only seven simple spices and botanicals sourced at Colombo’s Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo Gin is a liqueur with a complex aroma and a distinctive taste.

Distilled from the sap of coconut flower and aged in Halmilla Wood, Ceylon Arrack’s complex but gentle floral and light citrus notes is what allowed the brand to win a medal of Commendation by the Internal Wine & Spirits Association.

Visit Rockland Distilleries at stand E94 to learn more.

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