Imbibe Live 2017 - It’s Hi-Tyme for this tonic to launch

It’s Hi-Tyme for this tonic to launch

Hi tyme

Hi-Tyme, an alcoholic tonic, will be making its debut at Imbibe Live after launching as a new product for the on- trade recently.

Made from only natural plant extracts and botanicals, the flavours of this blue sparkling tonic are sure to play on your sensory memory. Hi-Tyme’s colour is equally chameleon-like, changing from a deep Mediterranean blue under normal light, to beetroot red in bright sunlight and a striking fluorescent pink under UV lighting.

Served in three flavours of gin, vodka, or rum, the tonic can be mixed with cocktails or taken straight. As Jerome Vaughn, the CEO of Hi-Tyme said: ‘It starts off blue but turns to pink; it'll tingle your tongue and make you think’.

Visit Hi-Tyme at stand SS9 to learn more.

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