Imbibe Live 2017 - Burgundy with Domaine Dujac

Burgundy with Domaine Dujac

Speaker Jeremy Seysses

Jeremy Seysses, son of the great Burgundian winemaker Jacques Seysses, will be hosting a tutored wine tasting of Dujac’s finest wines at Imbibe Live. Dujac is one of Burgundy’s great domaines and its wines are noted for their exceptional fragrance, structure and longevity.

The Seysses family first acquired their domaine in Morey-Saint-Denis in 1967. Over time, Jacques Seysses was able to expand Domaine Dujac from just 4 hectares to 11.5 hectares.

Today, much of the day-to-day functions of the domaine are run by Jeremy Seysses. The company still uses traditional wine making methods and practices sustainable farming. Dujac also does not use herbicides or pesticides and ensures that none of their wines are filtered. It is their attention to detail that makes Dujac a truly great domaine.

Catch the session on Tuesday 5 July at 3pm in the Wine Sessions.

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