Imbibe Live 2017 - The return of the ghost ingredient

The return of the ghost ingredient

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AA Badenhorst will be presenting their revival of the once forgotten drink, Caperitif, at Imbibe Live.

Originally used by colonialists in South Africa to treat malaria, Caperitif was used to make cocktails by the late 1800s. However, the use of the ingredient died down by the 1940s. It wasn’t until 2014 that Danish mixologist, Lyngaard Schmidt, approached AA Badenhorst about reviving the forgotten ingredient.

Since the original recipe for Caperitif is still missing, recreating the aperitif was a process of intense research, experimentation and invention. However, AA Badenhorst is still striving to refine its recipe and to enhance the deep golden, sweet taste of its new generation of Caperitif.


Visit AA Badenhorst at stand E43 to learn more.

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