Imbibe Live 2017 - Come and drink your cake at Imbibe Live

Come and drink your cake at Imbibe Live

Kendall mint cake

Making their first appearance at the show, Kendal Mint Cake has had a recent rebirth as an alcoholic mint and chocolate liqueur.

Traditionally produced from peppermint, sugar and glucose for more than 100 years, the drink is famous for having been taken to the top of Everest with Sir Edmond Hilary and is used by explorers for its high energy content.

Created in 1990 from an original recipe, Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur is the brainchild of Mike Pennington, owner of Burgundys Wine Bar & Brewhouse in Kendal.

Mike has since used his mixing skills to create an alcoholic liqueur from the peppermint cake recipe blended with a hint of smooth chocolate. The liqueur recipe contains mint, cacao and other secret ingredients that are fused with alcohol and British beet sugar.

The liqueur is available in 5CL, 20CL, 50CL and 70CL bottles.

Visit them on stand SS6 and find out more at



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