Imbibe Live 2017 - Peruvian Pisco out in force at Imbibe Live this year

Peruvian Pisco out in force at Imbibe Live this year

Peru Pisco

Peruvian pisco producers have teamed up to bring a one-stop pisco stand to Imbibe Live this year.

Arranged by the Trade and Investment Office of the Embassy of Peru in the UK, the stand already has seven pisco producers confirmed, and this number may increase.

There’s El Alambique de Azpitia, for example, a company set up by eight neighbours in 2005, dedicated to traditional distillation techniques. Equally rooted in tradition is Viña Tacama, which claims to be South America’s oldest vineyard (from the 1540s), and the source of Chilean and Argentinian vineyards.

You’ll recognise some of the brands produced by Macchu Pisco, such as its eponymous spirit, as well as La Diablada (which also has the distinction of being the only vintage pisco in the world). This family company is comprised of five generations of women, in ‘a traditionally male-dominated industry’.

In the face of all this history, Bodegas Don Luis, founded in 2008, seems like a relative newcomer, but produces Pancho Fierro, a brand that traces its origins to 1921.

Pisco 1615 is produced by Bodega San Nicolás, and while the name refers to the year that the first pisco registration occurred, the company makes use of modern technology to manage its grapevines. Another producer with state-of-the-art technology is Santiago Queirolo, a wine and pisco producing company that is 135 years old.

Finally, Viña Ocucaje will also be joining the stand, hailing from a vast valley that is ideal for grape growing, and where this company makes both wine and pisco.

The Peruvian Trade and Investment Office is coordinating the stand and some of its members will be present on the stand.

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