Imbibe Live 2017 - Mastiha World Growers’ Challenge

Mastiha World Growers’ Challenge

Mastiha World Growers Challenge


On Chios, the fifth largest of the Greek islands, growers have produced mastiha for thousands of years – a plant that only grows there.

It’s their craft and dedication that Imbibe Live exhibitor, Mastiha World, is asking you to use as inspiration for a cocktail, for the chance to be crowned champion and win a trip to Chios.

Create a signature serve using at least 25ml of either Enosis or Kentos mastiha liqueurs with three to five other ingredients. It should be easy to reproduce and approachable. For bonus points, post a photo of the recipe in social media with the name of the cocktail and the hashtag #thegrowersspirit, or e-mail it to

Finalists will be asked to create a second cocktail that should highlight the taste and terroir of mastiha at the final taking place this August in London.

Along with the trip, the winner will see his drink featured in Imbibe Magazine.

The deadline is 20 July.

Get entering here and visit stand E132 to find out more.



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